January 5th, 2020


"I am Truth!"

I had a dream last night that was some kind of magical action adventure dream with a cast of several magical kids with interesting powers.

The only one of these kids I can recall is a 12 or 13 year old girl with golden blond hair so golden it's practically glowing. She strongly resembled AnnaSophia Robb as she appeared in Bridge to Terabithia, but with longer hair. Her powers include invulnerability, super strength, and variable density.

In the bit of dream I remember, she and her friends are apparently captured, or have tricked someone into thinking they are, and this girl - who is wearing a metal collar on her neck - grins and, in a tone like saying 'don't worry,' says loudly "I am Truth!" and rips the collar off like it's made of wet clay, then jumps off a cliff. She falls toward this huge ship with people on it, but instead of hitting it goes soaring sideways for a bit and hits this much smaller, one-person fishing boat, going right through it into the ocean. She easily bobs back up to the top of the water, and she's not even wet. She finds that the boat she thought was unoccupied had one person in it, and he's unconscious and floating in the water. She tries to wake him up, worried, figures out he's still alive. Then this 12 year old girl picks up this guy - who is in his 40's or 50's and must weigh at least 260 pounds - like he's made of paper mache. With him secure, the two of them rise out of the water, and she walks across the water carrying him to the land.

And all that was the climax of a much longer adventure that I don't remember anything about beyond it having happened.

Anyway, Truth girl is such a memorable character, I find myself wondering if I could do anything with the character, like I did when I first literally dreamed up Dalia Ravenstone.

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