January 3rd, 2020


The flaw in their logic ointment.

A fundamental point of arguments for capitalism or against communism or socialism is the idea that humans are inherently lazy and will just sit around all day doing nothing if given the chance. The truth is that humans have a natural need to be doing something, to feel useful or at least stimulated. We can see this appearing in retirees who have plenty of money to live out the rest of their years, own their own home, a car, etc; they could easily laze around doing nothing all day for the rest of their lives, they've earned that right. But the thing is, almost nobody in that situation does that. Almost all of them still occupy themselves somehow; they learn, they do art, they garden, they do SOMETHING, usually something constructive. Because as it turns out, humans get bored pretty easily when they have nothing to do, and so they find or make things to do. And it's also been found time and again that even if they spend a few years pissing around on the Internet or playing video games, even if you define that at not being constructive (which it arguably can be; video games keep the mind sharp, and the Internet is a great source of knowledge and entertainment), even then they eventually get bored. I'm disabled, I get money from the government to stay alive. But despite this, I get bored of Internet eventually. I go out and socialize. I read books. I go for a walk. I do art. I write. I could easily piss away the rest of my life watching Netflix or YouTube and doing nothing else all day long. But I get bored, and I do other stuff, including constructive stuff.

With that in mind, I think a society where everyone's needs are met as a matter of course would be a huge boon for humanity's creativity and progress. How many people, if they no longer had to struggle and scrape just to survive, would go back to college and become scientists, engineers, or doctors *just for something to do*? How many people would invent revolutionary new technologies at home just because they now have the time, the money, and the lack of stress needed to do so? How many people might have been geniuses or inventors or great artists if poverty wasn't destroying their brains from the stress of constantly fighting to make it through each day? How many discoveries and technologies have we missed out on because capitalism keeps so many people in constant "fight for survival" mode? I think it's well worth getting rid of capitalism, and providing for everyone's needs, to try to find out.

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