December 20th, 2019


Lost in a dream

Sometimes a perfectly normal and enjoyable dream can go to shit by my dream self getting lost. Last night, I was having a good dream about going to some kind of Ren faire at a college campus for a school field trip. All was going well. I had bought some things, and was browsing the food options. I ate, and then took a wrong turn trying to get back to where I'd left my coat (1) and some of the things I had bought, and got lost because in a dream, things move around. What's worse is, once your mood shifts because you've - for instance - gotten lost, things move around even more. People you ask for help ignore you or worse. First person I tried getting help from was a teacher, who ignored me and continued teaching.

Well everything began to snowball quickly, in that "condensed time" way that dreams can do sometimes. So next thing I know, I find myself wandering around outside wearing a blanket and still cold, my mouth full of foul-tasting ice. (2) I found this out when a cop pulls up to ask me if I'm doing okay. And of course I had to go and worry he would think I was homeless, so I try to explain I'm trying to find where I left my things so I can go home, but my mouth is full of ice. And probably because of my sudden worry, when I can't talk and I'm there trying to spit chunks of ice out and drooling as I'm doing it, he bursts out laughing and drives off. Fucking pig.

I finally get the ice out and can start talking right again as he's driving off, and I'm standing there annoyed by the whole thing. I look up, still wandering around, and I'm still on the college campus. I can tell because there's some kind of college sporting event going on. (No idea which one.) Anyway, I am So Done at that point, and so suddenly my sleeping brain remembers it's all a dream, and now I can stop focusing on trying to find my stuff. Now in lucid dream mode, I magically summon my things to myself Because I Can, put on my coat, and say "Fuck this, I'm taking an Uber home." I get out my phone and call up Uber, and then I woke up.

So, what would have been a perfectly nice little vacation dream turned into a harrowing event because I took a wrong turn trying to get back to the room I'd left my coat in, and was only solved when I said Fuck This and went into Lucid Dream Mode.

(1) = Not sure why it's a coat; I haven't worn a coat regularly for YEARS. Usually I wear a cloak. On the rare occasion I wear a coat, it's because the weather is way too cold for a cloak (which my new cloak has a much higher limit for that) or because I want to ride my bike without worrying about cloak flaps getting caught in the gears.

(2) = I have that kind of dream a lot, where my mouth is full of something sticky like molasses but foul tasting and often mysterious in nature. I think it's caused by real life dry mouth in my sleep. At least it was ice this time. It could be a lot worse. The worst ones are when my mouth is gummed up by literal shit. I hate those so much.

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The Bone Witch series

I'm on the third book of this "Bone Witch" series now, and here's some cool facts:

1. There are four different gay characters in it, all major players in the game and friends of the main character, Tea. One of them is male and is royalty but gave up the throne, there's two lesbian magic users (said magic users called "asha" in the books, they're basically priestesses who do magic and entertain by dancing and singing), and the fourth is a gay male who dresses in drag.

2. Pretty sure Tea and her undead brother are people of color. It's been a while since I was reading the first book, but I'm fairly sure the two of them would pass for Indian nationality if they were in our world.

3. In book 3, there's signs of the story getting a LOT more subversive. Including taking down corrupt leaders, uncovering foul plots, and characters discovering revisionist history being covered up by centuries of propaganda. And Tea's journey from naive girl with a black and white take on morality changing into a morally greyer character as life proves more and more to be resistant to black and white thinking.

4. I love how the author has multiple different cultures in the books, all modeled off of actual cultures on Earth. There was one culture in book 1 or 2 that was modeled off of Arabic culture, one in book 2 modeled off of Chinese culture (pre-colonialism), and I'm pretty sure Tea's culture was modeled off India. The culture of the asha also bear some resemblances to geisha from Japan. Now book 3 has an analogue of Russia.

All in all, a fascinating series. So enthralling that I couldn't wait weeks for the library to let me check out book 3 and had to buy a copy to read it sooner. That's a sign I think it's a great book!

Only on chapter 3 of the third book ("The Shadowglass" by Rin Chupeco) but I love the new turns of the story enough that I couldn't wait to finish this book before singing its praises!

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