December 6th, 2019


Wine and lies

The fact that scientists have proven that wine connoisseurs being able to tell different wines apart from each other are a complete sham is wild to me. Give them a cup of wine they didn't see you pour from the $5 Wal-Mart brand boxed wine box and tell them it's some $1000 a bottle vintage that was aged 100 years and bottled with glass from some famous vineyard's windows that got melted down and they can't tell the difference. They just start to BS so hard that even Donald Trump is standing in the corner taking notes. A lot of them have even convinced themselves of their own lies!

I want to see how far it goes. Like, could you pour a shot of $10 vodka from Costco's clearance aisle into some grape Kool-Aid and they'd still be talking out their ass about the floral bouquet and hints of cardamom or whatever, or would they finally figure out they were lied to?

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