December 3rd, 2019


Anti alarm-clock

Because I struggle with insomnia, sometimes I fantasize about inventing an "anti alarm-clock." Instead of waking you up at a specific time, when the anti alarm-clock goes off, you fall asleep within one minute. This gives you time to hit the anti-snooze button if you really need to, but you can only hit it three times before it stops letting you. Obviously if there's an emergency, you can unplug it. But once it goes off, you get really tired. A genuine emergency will flood your brain with adrenaline, undermining this effect, but if you're just dragging your feet, this effect makes it really hard to do that for long.

No idea how such a thing would work, though I will say I got the idea years ago by wondering if the dream world was just another real world our soul goes to while this body is recharging, like maybe it exists among millions or billions of other worlds all at once, and only in your sleep can you get any kind of access to these other memories, which is why it's all an illogical mess all the time.

From there, I thought that some other me's alarm clock would go off when I fell asleep here, which led to wondering: if I could get the dream to be lucid, could I set the alarm for a specific time to make myself really tired and go to bed within minutes around that time, like a sort of anti alarm-clock? But then obviously that's silly, and so the idea morphed into an actual device here in this world that could make you tired enough to get to sleep by, I dunno, maybe some kind of really specific ultrasonic frequency? Like a brown note, but for sleep, so call it a "zzz note"?

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