November 15th, 2019


Freaky superheroine

Freaky idea for a superhero: The hero has a super high healing factor like Deadpool, but if a limb gets severed, it grows into a new copy of the super, complete with all memories up to the point of amputation. And it does so by first changing form to a tiny version of the super, so it can eat. Its regen speed is limited to how fast its body can take in and process food.

So like, her hand gets cut off, and within less than a minute, the hand has a rudimentary mouth and hands of its own, and just starts hungrily seeking out food. Anything edible will do. It honestly gets a bit mindless in its search for food until it finds some.

She can’t reattach the severed limb, because by the time she tries, the wound has sealed up and grown a new layer of skin. So if she wants to prevent another new copy of herself being made, she has to eat the severed limb.

And while blood of her’s that’s spilled acts like normal blood, she found out the hard way she can’t give blood, because it becomes a biohazard in another person’s body by growing like a cancer through the person’s body and eventually replacing them with a copy of the super. (She gave blood just before her powers were beginning to manifest, and so her blood passed the screenings.)

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