November 14th, 2019


Question about Shabbat

Are any of you Jewish? I have questions. I'm doing research for a Jewish character in one of my Ravenstone books, and I want to know something the research hasn't addressed so far.

Basically, the school the character goes to is a boarding school. The research paints Shabbat as a family affair, requiring the mom and dad to do specific things for parts of the day. So how would Shabbat work for him while he's away at school? His parents live too far away to come visit or pick him up every week. There are other Jewish students there, possibly some Jewish staff as well, if that helps.

Also, it says that stuff like tests, writing, and creative work aren't allowed on Shabbat. I presume leisure reading is permitted, but I just want to check.

Oh and another question. The research says that appliances can't be turned on or off during Shabbat (but apparently can be left on if turned on before Shabbat), and so the foods they're allowed to eat are stuff that was already set in like, a dutch oven or slow cooker before Shabbat began, or stuff that doesn't require cooking.

So the question related to that is this: is it permitted to eat food that a gentile cooked for you, since nobody Jewish was involved in those tasks? Would he be permitted to eat in the school cafeteria, I mean?

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