November 12th, 2019


Annoying dream

Just had a super annoying dream. In the dream, one of my devices was making some sort of alert tone, and I was trying to figure out which device it was coming from and why. It was a sound unlike anything I've ever heard before. Clearly electronic, but sort of musical, and the closest I can come to describing the sound is "something like a radar ping, but prettier." None of my real devices have ever made a sound like it, and my cell phone was on Do Not Disturb anyway.

So in the dream, I spend longer and longer trying to find the source of the sound, interrupted several times by things like dealing with unwanted text messages from spammers, a teenage boy and his first-grade age little brother walking into the room to pull up some grass and then leave (so a strange dream as well), and other annoyances. Then I finally figured out the sound was coming from a USB charger of all things, and tried unplugging it, but it had batteries in it as well for some reason, so I had to struggle to get the batteries out before that sound stopped. This whole time I'd been having the dream, I was going more and more bonkers, shouting in louder voices "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" So probably an Alex dream.

Then when we found the annoying sound and turned it off at last, a *different* annoying sound started up, and this time at least the sound was mostly like the sound of my fan running (which I run for the noise to drown out the CPAP), and this time I woke up before I found the source of the noise, because my alarm went off.

So yeah. That was super annoying.

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