November 10th, 2019


That is a spicy a-language!

Hey so serious question: do people who get offended by cuss words like fuck, shit, cock, damn, and so on still exist?

No really, I don't mean people who *pretend* to be offended by those words for whatever reason like being self-righteous to "win" an argument, or as a thinly veiled excuse to not have to deal with someone anymore, I mean someone who's actually genuinely offended by those words? Because I'm not convinced that's actually a thing.

But if they were, it would explain why I occasionally get harassed online by people who are annoyed by my spicy language, when we were not engaged in an argument of any kind that I can determine.

Still, there are alternate explanations for those people, such as people just itching for a fight glomming onto a ready excuse, so I'm still not convinced that such people are real. Pretty sure the last of those people died before I was born. That is, if they ever really existed in the first place.

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