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October 20th, 2019


Pokemon Go is doing this thing now where, at least until Halloween (dunno if after or not), ghost type pokemon are much more plentiful. This is good because I love the Gastly line (Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar). Before this, I'd only ever even *seen* one Gastly in the wild, and that's the one I caught months ago. I was only able to evolve it into Haunter by making it my buddy for a while so it could collect candies. But since there was only one, and Gengar requires another 100 candies, I switched to a Ralts (which is now a Kirlia). I've seen a few more Ralts and caught some of them since then, but until a few days ago, no Gastly.

In the past week, though, I have caught like, 10 Gastlies. A bunch of other ghost types as well. The only ones I can think of offhand are Misdreavous and Wicklit. Misdreavous have never been rare, since I started seeing them, and now I'm seeing even more of them. But I still prefer catching Gastlies.

But, you know, I'm a goth at heart, so ghost types of all kinds are cool. Though there is this one type, I forget the name, that loves to fly around, making catching it a pain. The other day I went through like, 20 pokeballs trying to catch just one of the buggers.

Does anyone reading this know how to find Gastly normally? If they were real, they'd probably hang out by cemeteries, but that's in bad taste for a game, so I don't know where they would be. I thought maybe looking for them at night would help, since the one I caught that first time was when I was out at night. But no such luck on that front.

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Get yourself through the days one by one.
Remembering is painful but necessary;
It's the only part of them still living, those memories.
Every time you think of them, their spirit's light returns
For a little bit.

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Partly for representation and partly to subvert the dominant trope of "ugly/disabled/scarred = evil," many of the Ravenstones and friends of the family have some sort of disability, deformity, a scar, something else unusual about their body, or multiple things at once. Examples of physical things only for now:

1. Dalia is missing a foot; she was born without it.
2. Orpheus has an extra finger on one hand.
3. Abuela is blind in one eye.
(Abuela's husband is a ghost, does that count as a disability? He is living impaired, after all.)
4. Morgana is intersex.
5. Chooli is deaf, as are most of zeer friends.
6. Nizoni has a truly ridiculous number of scars on her face, arms, and the rest of her body, that don't really get explained until book 2.
7. Dalia's friend Brandon uses a wheelchair.
8. Another grandmother, Belladonna, is blind in both eyes from old age and uses a seeing-eye cat. (It telepathically tells her about her surroundings.)
9. Takashi, a friend of the family, has a big old scar on his face.

So far, none of the villains have any scars or deformities.

Mental disabilities/conditions:

Dalia: Autism, depression, anxiety, PTSD, multiplicity.

Cally: Autism

Orpheus: Not confirmed in canon yet, but he has anxiety too.

Vedya's friend Joaquin: Dyslexia.

Vedya also has some sort of mental condition going on, but an exact diagnosis has eluded her so far. Suffice it to say she has social issues and relies on scripted responses to a lot of things, but she's not on the autism spectrum. If I said any more than that, it might spoil things.

Nizoni: Probably has PTSD, given the life she's had. Doesn't really show, if she does, and not confirmed in canon yet.

Doñela: Possible ADHD.

Principal Park: I'm not sure of the name for this, but he derives no pleasure from eating. He eats when he's hungry and eats healthy meals that are very bland, because to him it's all the same.

(Principal Park is an interesting character, in that he's either lawful neutral or lawful good, I'm not sure which. A real stickler for rules, including the anti-discrimination policy, but he's also mildly racist and doesn't really care much for the weirdness of the Ravenstones. He especially doesn't like Vedya, but he treats her fairly anyway. He doesn't like that non-human people are now being admitted as students, but he also doesn't like the disruptions caused by whoever's trying to derail the new policy in book 1, and he still treats the non-human students fairly, too.)

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Sometimes I forget that not everyone is as well versed as I am in certain terms. I was talking to an old friend about a dream I had the other day, and mentioned "Dalia's collective's rules," and even though he's known I'm a multiple for many years, he was confused about what "collective's rules" are. Part of his exact words were "Why does a collective have rules? What is it that needs regulation? That was my question."

This was my answer:

Why does anything have rules? Even the universe has physical laws. A collective's rules are just how things work in a multiple collective. For us, we're a very blendy collective, and the rules include a filter that prevents us from switching the front in a way that might make it obvious to outsiders what we are. It's not impossible to get past the filter, but it's difficult. The main effect of this is that we can't talk individually IRL to speak our individual minds unless we fight past the filter. Alex has the most luck with this, as anger is one way of getting past the filter. But even he struggles to get past the filter. (We're not entirely sure what The Filter is, whether it's sentient or not. It manifests like a force of nature almost. Like gravity, only it pulls us in the direction of appearing to be a singlet.)

Then I clarified that we can bypass the filter pretty easily online, just not IRL.

Oh and I just thought of something else: Sometimes we can get the words of one of us past the filter by claiming "a friend" said them. "According to a friend of mine, 'blah blah blah,'" you see. It's not a lie. Just not the whole truth.

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