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October 18th, 2019

Replacing cops

We need to need to get rid of the entire police system and instead put in place a system of compassionate people trained in conflict resolution and de-escalation instead, which would include mental health training. Tests would be given to them to weed out the bigots, the bullies, the people who aren't smart enough, and others who might abuse their power. They would not be armed at all (but can wear kevlar vests and chain mail to deal with knives). While on duty, they would wear body cams that can't be turned off, the video going straight to a public server, so everything they do while on duty is open to public scrutiny. The rules governing them arresting people would be similar to a citizen's arrest and thus, any force used deemed excessive would result in them being fired, imprisoned, and banned from similar work anywhere else in the country. They would be only be allowed to arrest people while on duty, and if they tried it while off duty (no cameras to watch them), they would be fired and barred from doing similar work anywhere else in the country.

We would also need to massively overhaul the prison system and make it less of a "forced slavery" place and more of a "you're in time out" place. Traditional prisons would only exist for the most dangerous people, like serial killers and other repeat murderers. But there would be no more solitary confinement, even for them. And everyone would get counseling. For most people this would be for rehabilitation purposes.

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Okay so I don't know if this will be a scene in book 3 or not, but the other day I was thinking of this possibility that I need help with: A group of friends, most of whom are deaf, one of whom is hearing but blind. Situation: they're lost together somewhere in near absolute darkness. Chooli is deaf but can speak aloud, so Dozy (blind) can hear them but obviously none of his friends can hear him. In the dark, so ASL won't work. Haven't figured out yet if Dozy could even learn ASL at all anyway, since he's blind. Obviously the deaf kids can't use ASL in the dark. How do they all communicate in this situation? Any ideas?

As to how they normally communicate, I figure if nothing else, Chooli could speak aloud the things said in ASL so Dozy could hear it.

And if you're curious about this odd group, it's because the witch world in the storyverse has a mixed blind/deaf school.

I mean sure, they're witches, they could probably summon a light to see by, but what if doing so would put them in danger? Since this is only a really vague possible scene, I want to cover all the bases.

This was cross-posted from https://fayanora.dreamwidth.org/1485774.html
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