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October 7th, 2019

Scoot scoot

A week or two back, I downloaded the Lime app (for Lime brand e-scooter rental) because I was worried about being late somewhere. Turned out I didn't need it then, but I kept the app. Last like, Monday I think it was, I got my first ride on one. That first ride was uncomfortable and it was raining, but the discomfort was partly because my left hand was full at the time, making it hard to hold onto the handlebar. I don't remember where I was (I had gone the wrong direction on the bus again) but it took like 10 minutes to get back to Milwaukie, and cost only $4.50 all told. The same ride in an Uber would have been like, $7 to $9 not counting tip.

Returning home from Brooke's on Saturday, I found a Lime scooter at the MAX station. I put on my backpack, secured the empty luggage container, and scooted home. That ride went very smoothly and cost $5. Not sure why, though; it was half the time as the other. Of course, on the first trip there were a lot of hills to go up, and the second time there was only one hill to go up.

Today I was out doing Pokemon Go! and I was getting very tired. It was a long walk home, the bus wasn't going to be coming any time soon, and I didn't want to spend money on an Uber or Lyft. So I looked on Lime. Don't know why I bothered - there's rarely any around the Sellwood/Moreland area. If I'd been in Milwaukie, I'd have had plenty to choose from.

Anyway, it's relevant because I saw one Lime scooter in the Sellwood area. Some dingbat had left it on the Springwater Corridor, at least a 20 minute walk from civilization. I was close enough that had it been daylight, I would have attempted to retrieve it and ride it home. But it was night, so that wasn't going to happen.

I feel bad for whatever poor fool has to go retrieve that scooter, though it was at least fully charged. Maybe they'll get lucky and someone on the Springwater Corridor will decide to ride it to civilization.

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