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October 5th, 2019

Past true.

Saw a video earlier listing a bunch of things that used to be true or used to be believed to be true, that we now know to be false. Stuff like "Pluto is a planet," "you need to learn cursive to get anywhere in life," and so on. Here's my contribution:

1. Capitalism is good.
2. Most people in prison deserve to be there.
3. Racism is dead.
4. We killed all the Nazis.
5. We had to nuke Japan to end the war.
6. College is necessary to get a good paying job.
7. The United States is a benevolent world police force.
8. The police exist to help you, and to bring bad people to justice.
9. Nobody innocent ever goes to prison, regardless of the color of their skin.
10. Most men in Hollywood are decent human beings who would never rape anybody, and certainly none of them would ever molest children.
11. Only women can be raped.
12. The AIDS crisis affecting homosexual and bisexual people predominantly was a tragic coincidence and had nothing at all to do with any federal policies, and certainly nothing to do with President Reagan.
13. Nothing like the rise of the Nazi party in Germany could ever happen here in the US, and if anyone tried it, we would immediately recognize it and shut it down before anyone got killed.
14. You are safe in high school.
15. College is a safe place for people to learn.
16. Segregation of schools by race no longer happens, and everybody gets the same access to quality education.
17. Schools feed all children a healthy lunch. If they can't pay, they get a free lunch.
18. You won't get in legal trouble for feeding the homeless.
19. All jobs pay their employees enough money to pay rent, own a car, get enough food to eat, raise kids, and save up to buy a house some day.
20. Nobody believes the Earth is flat anymore.
21. The government is here to help you.
22. George Orwell was being paranoid.
23. The US is a democracy.

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This comes from a comment I made to someone in FB who is afraid all the time of various things. I'd before revealed to her that I'm often afraid too, especially since Trump stole the election. She asked me how I manage. This is one of my responses:

I was such a very timid child growing up. Sensitive, too. I was obsessed with monsters, robots, aliens, and wizards among other things as a kid because they were tough and powerful. They were what I wanted to be.

I've gotten tougher and more confident, but I'm still sensitive, anxious, and struggle against my timid nature. So I'm still obsessed with those things for the same reasons. It's why my main Goddess, Djao'Kain, is a goddess of chaos and fire, and why She wields twin blades against demons, leaves burning footprints when She walks that are so hot they melt sand, and can even rip the throats of demons and monsters out with Her teeth. She's the badass, powerful woman I aspire to be. She's also often calm and wise, a good listener, and She believes in me and loves me.

I became an avatar of Djao'Kain, merging my soul with Hers, taking in Her Chaos Fire and making it my own, to share that strength and power. Now when we did that years ago, my magic casting ability went from a 4 to a 14. Before that, casting any kind of spell was like rolling a boulder uphill. Now I can cast spells of protection that cover all of Portland while barely breaking a sweat.

With Her help, my timid little flickering candle became a towering tornado of fire. That's how I manage being timid and afraid in a terrifying world. That and dissociating when something is too much.

This was cross-posted from https://fayanora.dreamwidth.org/1483609.html
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