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October 4th, 2019

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Aura colors

Just got through researching aura colors for my Ravenstone story. My impression is that the color meanings are highly subjective. I decided to base how Chooli interprets them somewhat off the standard ones, split things I feel conflict with each other into different shades of those colors or into different colors, and a little bit of my own perspective.

Like, jealousy is usually lumped in with green, but green is typically healing or hope. I feel jealousy is a form of fear, so I lumped it in with fear. Fear is also usually lumped in with anger, but I feel that anger and fear aren't really necessarily related to each other. I also don't feel like passion, power, and strength (positive attributes, typically) should be lumped in with anger. So anger is blood red, passion etc is ruby red, and fear and jealousy are a color called gray-green, which is more green than gray but is distinct from regular green. Them both being shades of green could then explain why so many people lump jealousy in with healing, when that makes no damn sense otherwise.

People also like to lump greed in with jealousy, typically making it green which I guess is solely because US money is green. Or maybe because green is sometimes associated with illness? Not sure. Anyway, I lumped greed in with "ego" (egotism) and assigned those two the color vermilion, which is a shade of red also known as cinnabar. Which also works out because I see greed more as violence than as sickness.

Then there's a whole slew of grays. Already mentioned gray-green above. Battleship gray is depression, exhaustion, and low energy. Gray-blue is sadness and sorrow. Dark slate gray is apathy, intense depression, possibly also suicidal ideation. And something called "Xanadu gray" is illness, to the point of possible death if paired with one of the other grays previously mentioned (sans gray-green).

Oh, also: beige is boredom.

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