September 20th, 2019


Three Mile Island

Three Mile Island is shutting down. Nuclear power is going away. This sucks, because nuclear power plants are far safer than people think they are. For instance, a single coal-burning power plant puts out more dangerous radiation in a single week than Three Mile Island put out during its meltdown.

Sure, you have to put the nuclear waste way down in as deep a hole as you can find for it to decay to safe levels, but the useful life of a single nuclear fuel rod is six years, and they can be reprocessed to get even more use out of them.

So on the one hand, you have nuclear fuel rods which last six (6) years and get carefully placed in a deep dark hole until they're safe, versus coal burning plants that put that much radiation into the environment in a week.

How does that work? you ask. Glad you asked: tiny bits of radioactive material in the coal. They burn so much coal in a week that this stuff adds up.

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