September 16th, 2019


Facts are straight, but she isn't.

An exchange I just imagined happening in middle school to one of my characters, Vedya Ravenstone...

Bully: "You're a queer little lezbo!"
Vedya, with mild annoyance: "No I'm not! I'm bisexual!"

I had an exchange similar to that in high school, though less bullying and more curious on the guy's side of things. When I clarified to the guy that I'm bisexual, he responded, "What, like a hermaphrodite?" Resisted the urge to respond "Yes, I am, spiritually speaking anyway, but that'd be 'bi-gendered.' 'Bisexual' is something else entirely," and simply explained to him what bisexual meant.

(And yes, I *did* in fact know that part of myself in high school. I don't recall what year I first started writing about the Ah'Koi Bahnis, but it was in high school or junior high.)

Alternate response for Vedya in the above situation, if it happened in the second book when she's in Fae Springs school:

"Queer, yes. We already established that when I came to the dance last year with my girlfriend. But I'm not a lesbian, I'm bisexual. If you're going to try to use widely known facts about me to insult me, at least get your facts straight first."

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