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September 13th, 2019

Come into my parlor

If cops were really interested in law and order, they wouldn't hide themselves to catch traffic violations or turnstile jumpers, they would make themselves conspicuously visible to prevent those crimes. If cops really cared about law and order, they would ticket the super wealthy speeding in their Bugattis going 100 MPH in a 55 MPH zone as much as the common man in his beat up old Mazda for going 3 MPH over the speed limit, who really can't afford a ticket because he's living hand to mouth. Cops are predators, preying on the weak. The poor and working class must know their place. Anyone daring to defy the system, even by saving $3 by jumping a turnstile that means the difference between eating this week or not, must be put back in their place. They are the spider and we are the fly. And why do they not prey on the rich, too? Because the wealthy are birds, fully capable of eating the spider. So the spider serves, and he too also knows his place.

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Statute of limitations

As a reminder, I'm a fantasy writer, and my main series is kinda like Addams Family crossed with Harry Potter, with fairies. Anyway, question: if someone used magic to curse someone's mind to be tormented until they committed suicide, do you think that would count as murder? Or manslaughter? Something else? I'm trying to figure out what the statute of limitations would be on it.

Yes, ultimately I decide the laws for the magical government of that world, but I still want to compare it to what a mundane court might decide.

Edit: since her intention wasn't for him to die, probably manslaughter. Would it be bad enough then for her to be pursued across state lines?

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