September 8th, 2019


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I had a frustrating and sad dream last night. Dreamed I was volunteering at a school, and there were these two kids, a short-haired blond boy and a girl with shoulder length brown hair, who were my responsibility. They were both upset because their mother had died like, a year ago, and for some reason this was making them hard to work with? Not sure why. Anyway, it wasn't helped by the fact I forgot their names since the last time I'd worked with them, which is totally something that would happen with adults, but I would take special pains with kids to avoid that. Anyway, it happened in the dream and they got upset and wandered off into a crowd of other kids from another class. I tried looking for them for a while, but it was futile because there were so many other kids, and I didn't know who to call for.

Because I'm also horrible at describing people when I can even remember their faces (and again, special pains would be taken with kids to prevent that; namely, intense memorization), when I found the teacher and she couldn't recall who I was and so I had to describe them to her, I could only describe their hair and height relative to me, none of which was very helpful. But somehow she figured it out and told me, and I went off looking again.

The school was HUGE. Like, bloody enormous. Multiple levels, each level was like, the size of a shopping mall. And then at some point in the dream the school changed slowly into an actual shopping mall, and I kept going past food places until I woke up and realized it was because my stomach was angrily demanding to be fed. Never did find the kids again, though, and that was frustrating and sad.

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