September 3rd, 2019

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An excerpt from a post Molly made to an FB group for littles, basically the second half (first half was kinda sad):

I like pink and yellow a lot! I like pretty clothes and I have this pretty white and pink hat wif a flower crown on it, and a silk lily on it too, that I like wearing places! The lily is cuz a Lily.

I also loves tacos an burritos! I has a scared of doggos bigger than kitties. :( I love kitties! And dolphins! When I die I wanna be reincarnated as a dolphin! But like, in the past before humans pooed up tha erf. In fact, before humans existed! Cuz I don't wanna be dolphin soup. Or an altern8 erf like on Rick and Morty, but one wif no humans! Oh and I'd be a girl dolphin of course! Or maybe be a honey badger. Or a crow. Crows and ravens are sooooo smart and pretty!

So I likes nice and kind people, don't matter if they're boy people, girl people, or somepin else people. (But girl people are prettiest. Lotsa men are scary, I don't wanna be wif scary people so I gotta be really picky wif men.) Sometimes I call myself bi, or pan, dependin on tha audience. Oooh! Ooh! I went to FaerieWorlds a coupla weeks ago! I had lots of fun! Lots of pretty costumes and stuff. Like the girl who was dressed as young Malefiscent from the live action movie! Pretty wings! And I liked dancing to Guilhem Desq! His music is a stimmy for me. I listen to "Omen" bunches of times in a row lotsa days. And Patty Gurdy, too! I likes the hurdy-gurdy. Plus it's a fun word to say! "Hurdy gurdy." LOL :D


She also, while talking about Lily, said Lily was "among the valkyries" instead of "among the angels." :)

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Got a new silk scarf on sale at New Renaissance. Isn't it lovely, dahlihnk? Also, I got my first compliment ever on my shao'ahn'dih'gahn necklace (pictured), the symbol of my Goddess, Shao'Kehn. The cashier at New Renaissance said it looked cool. She was impressed when I told her I designed it and paid a guy to make it for me. It's silver, and it cost me $200, making it the most expensive thing I own excepting electronics.

A close up of my shao'ahn'dih'gahn necklace. I designed it and had Mark Defrates (now deceased, it appears) make it for me:

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