September 2nd, 2019



So... thanks to the Internet, I found out that 3-way and 4-way chess sets exist. And now I want to see a miniseries where they challenge chess grand masters to 3 or 4 way matches instead of the usual two. Because that would be fascinating!

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Dimmu penta

Human extinction.

With the Amazon, Siberia, and Alaska all being on fire, the Amazon fire being deliberate, the ice caps and glaciers melting, fascism on the rise again all over the globe, global warming deniers everywhere, dumb-ass anti-vaxxers causing previously endangered diseases to make a comeback, and all the other human-caused disasters around the world, I'm seriously thinking the Church of Euthanasia has the right idea: voluntary human extinction.

Wait, scratch that. If human extinction is to happen in time to do the planet any good, it will have to be involuntary. We need a new Black Death. Hmm... a hemorrhagic fever, I think, like ebola on steroids, but crossed with smallpox, and... hmm... make the virus the size of the HIV virus so it's difficult to detect, and give it a three-month latency period. That way, it can infect everyone on the planet before anybody even realizes it exists, and everyone is dead within a week. Then the only humans left alive would be remote, un-contacted tribes like the people of North Sentinel Island. Hmm... is that good enough? Is it wise to leave any humans alive to potentially fuck up the planet more down the road?

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Molly 1

Gender buttons

The others in my brain with me sometimes share in my ‘game’ of running through hypothetical situations in their mind, deciding what their responses would be. Some of these situations are less hypothetical than others. Like, for instance, I still occasionally get asked by kids if I’m a boy or a girl. This is what Molly decided would be her response if she were fronting when one asked us that:

Kid: Are you a boy or a girl?
Molly: I'm both.
Kid: You can't be both!
Molly: Sure ya can. Babies aren't either one when they're born, it's why they're bald and look like little old men. The doctor decides which one you are when you're born, by hitting either the 'boy' button or the 'girl' button. Well my doctor slipped on a wet floor and accidentally hit both buttons. Cuz I'm both, I get to pick which one I wanna be. For years I picked 'boy,' but that was a bad fit, like tryna wear a shirt that’s too small, so I changed my mind and now I'm a girl, which fits me very nicely.


Yes, Molly is indeed weird. Hey, she’s lived with me her whole life, of course she’s weird! This is the same girl, after all, who decided that because men call their penis a “Johnson,” that our penis should be named “Joan,” because “it’s a girl penis.” And then proceeded to name our testicles Anastasia and Druella, because they’re Joan’s “ugly stepsisters.”

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