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September 1st, 2019

Making money

I'm glad I've gone to so many ren faires and to Faerie Worlds this year. Quite apart from all the fun I had, looking at people's arts and crafts for sale made me realize I have more skills than I thought I did, and gave me ideas for things I could make to sell. I could buy gemstones and jewelry wire and make necklaces. I have this idea for earrings for people who don't want to pierce their ears or deal with painful clip-ons, which was inspired by something at Faerie Worlds. I have my flower wreaths like the one I made from dollar store ingredients. I could use jewelry wire and gemstones to make wands or try my hand at making elven tiaras. I have some old photo manipulation art I could print out and sell. I could even buy hats, decorate them like I did that one I have, and sell those. And I could sell this all on Etsy for a reasonable fee.

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Precious cinnamon roll

My Dalia Ravenstone character is very sensitive. I have a scene in one book where she cries for an entire hour after seeing a clear cut forest. She'd be crying for DAYS or weeks over the Amazon Rain Forest thing. I know because both feelings (clear cut forest and Amazon rainforest) are what I'd be doing if I wasn't so good at emotional repression.

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A legal? question.

In the Ravenstone series, Dalia and her friend Calandra (AKA Cally) are both canonically confirmed to be autistic. Dalia is a quiet introvert, and Cally is a chatty extrovert. I write this all because I have a question.

In a scene I'm planning, they go onto the bus to get somewhere, and it's super crowded. (Story takes place in Portland, Oregon by the way.) Basically what happens is they both have what starts out as panic attacks when they can't get off the bus at their stop because of all the people in the way. There's a lot more going on that leads to this next bit, but Dalia has a shutdown, and Cally has a meltdown. (Which might trigger the shutdown to morph into a meltdown, I dunno yet.)

So my question is, basically, what would happen if Cally, in her meltdown, just started flailing and hitting people while screaming at people after temporarily losing the ability to think straight from the stress? Like, logistically speaking? And legally speaking, too. Would the cops get involved? Would there be charges, or would it be understood they couldn't help it?

Keep in mind, too, that these are two characters who are normally pretty well behaved, and they do well in school. This scene happens after an entire book and a half establish them as such. Dalia has a few panic attacks in that time, but those are a far cry from an actual meltdown. (She goes nonverbal and feels really sick from it but doesn't act out.) And if Cally has ever had meltdowns before, it was when she was really little and hasn't been mentioned yet in the story.

Oh and Dalia is a black girl, and Cally is a Greek girl. Which I add because unfortunately race can play a factor in situations like this. :(

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