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August 23rd, 2019

Don't let them pass the buck.

"I recycle to help save the earth."

Individual people recycling or using less garbage is nice, but it's a drop in the ocean compared to what corporations do. Corporations are responsible for at least 95% of the world's pollution, yet they keep trying to pass the buck on to the consumer.

"So we boycott them!"

There's only so much you can do, boycott wise, short of only ever buying locally grown/raised food, spinning your own thread for cloth from your own sheep or whatever, and hunting the local rabbits or deer. The same dozen or so companies own hundreds of smaller companies. Even most of the supposedly "organic" brands are owned by bigger corporations that are hurting the earth. Ethical consumption is therefore pretty much impossible. See the following infographics for evidence:

And so my point is that boycotting isn't going to work, and what needs to be done is that everyone needs to rise up and burn these corporations to the ground before they burn the world to the ground.

"So we shouldn't boycott or try to reduce our carbon footprint?"

I'm not saying don't do any of that. What you're doing is good. I'm just saying that even if we all did that, it's not going to be enough until we bring the main culprits, the corporations, down like the mad titans they are.

Look at it this way: Imagine it's WWII. Reducing your metal usage, recycling and reusing metal, rationing food and gas, all these things helped the war effort. But doing all that wasn't enough. We still had to send troops out to kill the enemy and bring the evil regime down. Right now the evil regime is trying to tell you that rationing and all that will be enough to save the world from the evil they're doing. And I'm telling you we still need to send in troops against the enemy.

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Copied from Facebook

I'm not deaf, but I have a hard time hearing/understanding people if there's noise in the room or if they're turned away from me. I have lost count of the times that I have I had to attempt to teach myself lip reading because I can't hear what the person is saying over the sound of other people talking. I'm pretty sure it's not being hard of hearing, it's some sort of sensory processing problem. Basically, I think what it is is that my brain can't process what someone I'm paying attention to is saying if there's other people talking, because it can't filter out the noise. I actually had my hearing tested because of it, and they said it was pretty much fine. Not long after that, I discovered that I can actually understand people better in those situations if I'm wearing earplugs. It's weird and illogical, but basically it's helping dull the more distant sounds, making the closer sounds of the person I'm talking with easier to hear.

And even though I cannot actually read lips, attempting to do so still makes it easier to understand people. I think it's because I can kind of sort of read lips, insofar as I can use the attempt to rule out possibilities.

This was cross-posted from https://fayanora.dreamwidth.org/1469893.html
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