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August 16th, 2019

Get some fucking perspective.

So I wrote this comment just now on Facebook, and I feel like it's important enough to copy here. Important enough I'm NOT going to put it under a cut.

For context, I had said that Trump is a "literal Nazi," so we should vote blue no matter who, and this woman agreed with me on the Nazi part but said she was going to vote for Bernie Sanders or nobody. So this is what I said:

Okay, so... do you know what the word "literally" means? It means "actually," as in "not fucking kidding around, not exaggerating, not embellishing, I'm 100% serious." So when I say Trump is a literal Nazi, that is what I mean. He may not identify as one, but he is like a carbon copy of Hitler. He even has actual, literal concentration camps. Sure, they're nowhere near as bad as Hitler's death camps (yet), but people are dying anyway.

I am far Left. An anarchist, a socialist, and a communist. I was "Bernie or Bust" last time, but I still voted Hillary once she won the primary, because I could see how bad Trump was (as it turns out, he was far worse than I feared).

I'm sure you, as a straight white woman, feel perfectly safe doing this voting thing like it's a game, like the stakes don't matter. But I'm transgender, bisexual, and autistic. That's three different things that put me in the crosshairs of (literal, actual) Nazis like Trump, even before you consider the fact I'm far Left. While you're like "Bernie or Bust!" with no fear of the consequences of losing, I'm over here as one of millions who are terrified that Trump is going to find a way to cancel the elections and declare himself President For Life. I'm terrified I'm going to have to flee the country to stay alive. Survivors of the Holocaust are saying essentially the same thing, too, so maybe you should be taking this seriously?

I'm sure you, Ms. White Straight Woman, would feel perfectly safe and sound at night if Trump won again in 2020, to the point where you say you won't vote for a Democrat if they aren't perfect Bernie Sanders. Well, Ma'am, you know what that makes you? It means that if you had been one of the Germans in Nazi Germany, and you'd been given the choice to vote Hitler out, it sounds like you would have chosen not to do so, if the person opposing him wasn't your ideal candidate. That makes you one of the bad guys.

I like Bernie too, but he lost the primary last time, and he's openly a socialist which hurts his chances. This time around, I like the chances of Andrew Yang, because he's getting people from both ends of the political spectrum interested in him by making far left ideas like Universal Basic Income sound good to Republican voters as well as people on the left, and he has a good plan for paying for it. He's pro-choice, pro marijuana legalization (and releasing non violent drug offenders from prison) and so far, he's even better than Bernie from what I've seen.

But if Andrew Yang loses the primary to someone more centrist, I won't be happy but I will still vote out the literal embodiment of evil. I don't have the luxury of being "ride or die" for any particular candidate. Because for me, the stakes are (actually, 100% seriously) life or death.

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Weird request

Just gave the cashier at the bank probably one of the stranger requests she's had today: $1, and only $1, from my savings account. Cuz I needed $1, but didn't have enough on checking. And before you ask, no I couldn't spare more with an app transfer plus buying something small at the store and getting change.

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When I was a kid, I used to watch Captain Planet. It's probably one of the reasons I'm neopagan now. I thought the villains were so over the top back then. And as I've grown into an adult, I realize the villains in real life are far worse than the ones on Captain Planet.

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