August 2nd, 2019

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Being reckless will not keep you wreckless.

For the last few months, I've been riding with Victor in his van a lot. Now, I have every confidence in his driving, but I have anxiety about sudden stops, sudden starts, and other traffic issues, and while Victor is a safe driver, everyone else clearly got their licenses out of a box of Trix, so he has to do a lot of defensive driving, which ramps up my anxiety.

One of the big issues, though, is that pedestrians and bicycle riders in this city are fucking suicidal. Nobody pays any fucking attention. If I had a dollar for every pedestrian I saw walk out into traffic without looking and nearly get hit as a result, plus every bicyclist who turned right in front of the van and almost got hit, I'd have enough money to buy a second bike. One that happened yesterday was a bike weaving right between the van and another car before the van had come to even a half stop. As Victor pointed out, if he'd had a heart attack just then, or if he'd gotten distracted at the wrong moment, the asshole would have gotten squished between two cars and died. And there were at least four other bicyclists doing the exact same thing at the same time and place.

The worst part of it is, when they realize they almost got hit, they always give Victor the stink-eye, like it's somehow *his* fault that *they* weren't paying any goddamned attention! Like it was his fault they were being reckless!

Oh, and they do it at night, too. Victor has to drive slowly if there are parked cars anywhere, especially at night, because they keep coming out from between cars, and the ones at night are almost always wearing dark clothes.

It's not just in the van I notice this, either. I've been noticing it for YEARS while riding in the bus, and also sometimes in Uber or Lyft vehicles. Only with buses, it's also car drivers that are morons, turning in front of the buses. Like seriously, all these people need to be retrained in driving, and the point of "don't argue right of way with something bigger than you" needs to be driven home to them.

And earlier today, several drivers were stopping in the middle of train tracks! On a related note, several weeks ago pedestrians and bicyclists were going around the railroad crossing gates WHILE A BLOODY TRAIN WAS HEADING TOWARD THEM!!!

Open letter to all those idiots: if you're not going to pay attention, and if you're going to be a dick about it when you realize you nearly got killed, please just do the world a favor and drown yourselves in your bathtub rather than put the rest of us at risk with your reckless behavior!

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