July 26th, 2019


Wall memorial

I changed my mind on buying a living lily plant. I find one spider plant quite enough to be going on with, and I don't want to risk the lily plant dying. So that's why I put the silk lily on my hat, and on the top of my wreath. Which is done now, BTW. Click here to view it!

I went to FedEx/Kinko's and printed off a picture of Lily that I like. Of the photos I have of her, I think it captures both her beauty and her whimsical spirit best. I then put it up on the wall with some more silk lilies. Click here to view that image.

Next month I'll print out a second picture I have, of some text over a white lily that has her name, RIP, date of birth/death, and a fitting bit of Latin: "Amicus certus in mundo incerto." And the translation: "A sure friend in an unsure world."

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