July 22nd, 2019


First weekend of faire over

So I went to Canterbury Ren faire Saturday and Sunday. We got in for free by being volunteers; from 10 am to 1 pm we were at the information booth passing out the map/program combos and putting wrist bands on small kids with their parents' cell phone numbers in case they got lost. Then the second half of the day, we got to wander around the faire.

Not having much money, the only thing I bought was one of those things you put around your waist with the metal coin things attached to it so I could jingle when I walk or dance, mostly worn by belly dancers. But I saw lots of shops there, looked around at lots of stuff. Even watched some belly dancers for an hour.

One thing I discovered... well first I have to tell you that I was a slut for hats when I was a kid, I wore all kinds of hats back then. But when I got older, I stopped wearing hats because I thought they all looked dumb on me. I've been shifting away from that in the last 15 years though, as you may know from previous posts. I have a witches' hat and I have a pink and white sun hat that I've been decorating with different things, and I have a flower crown.

Anyway so something I discovered at faire is that this one kind of pirate hat, the kind that has one side pinned up and with feathers (like this or this kinda, couldn't find an exact match) really suit me. I want to get one someday.

While there, Cat also put in an order for some garb for me (which Jesse will be paying for) that will be tailored to my size. Cat made something for me to wear for Canterbury, and I get to keep it (pictures of that outfit later), but at Shrewsbury I guess we're going to be part of the queen's court and thus SCA rules apply, so Cat ordered something suitable for nobility, whereas what I wore for Canterbury was an outfit for a merchant class at best. Anyway, I get to keep that outfit too, for future events. :D

There were lots of things I wish I had the money to do there. One guy had these massive rocking horses big enough for adults to ride, a single ride was $5. There were also real horses to ride at a different spot, again for money.

But one thing that was free to do was pretty cool. This guy was giving free 15 minute mini-lessons on how to shoot a bow and arrow. I did pretty well on that. Didn't hit the target, but I got closer than the other people I saw doing it. (Only two other people, so not bragging.) I liked how it felt, it was cool. You know, there's an archery range near me down in Milwaukie, I wonder how much it would be to practice archery there?

Lunch was... interesting. First day, I got in the wrong line for this one place; it was so busy they had a line for order pickup that was just as long as the order line. I was in the wrong line, and when I found out I went to a different place, a BBQ place, because its line was much shorter. I hadn't had much for breakfast, though, so by the time my order came I might have eaten a rat if given one. I had a BBQ sandwich instead.

The next day, lunch was these sausages cooked while wrapped in croissant bread. They were good, but had lots of crumbs. It wasn't very filling as a meal, though, but that day I had taken some snacks up to the information booth with me, and had something to eat during lulls in the crowd. Luckily the second day had fewer people, because the first day they had 2100 people there! So many people that several of the food vendors ran out of stock that first day before 1 pm. The one we got the sausages at yesterday was closed before we got there on Saturday because he'd run out of everything. Apparently last year wasn't nearly so busy.

Other things I saw among the vendors that looked cool: a belt made of chain mail, these cool faery/pagan mask things, a portable folding metal cup, wands made from a 400 year old oak tree that fell over and died during an ice storm, wand holsters, a sturdy locking leather pouch just the right size and shape for a smart phone case that I wish I'd known about before I got the one I got earlier in the month, some old fashioned handcuffs, several places had fucking AMAZING staffs for sale, and I liked some of the stuff at various sword vendors. Victor has a sword. I want a sword. I may get one later, I should have the money saved up for one by the time Shrewsbury comes around.

And [personal profile] kengr, ask me later about the "french pox" and how it was treated. :D

OH! I also saw something WICKED COOL while I was there, among the patrons: this guy had heavily modified an ATV into an ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR for his daughter!!! O_O Amazing! And I tell you, it was needed, too. Lots of people in wheelchairs and walkers were having issues with the terrain there, but this girl was having no problems riding around in a pink ATV wheelchair with a canopy!!! I think I'm gonna use that in my Ravenstone story, for Brandon! (Though blue in his case, since it's his favorite color.)

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Fan meme

Got this meme from Ysabetwordsmith.

What does your username mean?

"Fayanora" is a Traipahni name I came up with. It means "flirtatious." I used to flirt with my friends a lot. Not so much anymore, but the name has stuck.

How is it pronounced?


What's your origin story? Is it fannish?

I don't really understand the second question, so I'm going to ignore it.

My origin story: I was born. I had no friends in my high school, so I used the Internet. Along the way figured out I don't really feel like a human, but an alien instead. Gave myself a name in my own people's culture: Fayanora Ahnabahn Tahlahmorgk. The three names mean, respectively, "Flirtatious," "Holy person" (like a reverend or priestess), and "Lover of trees." I want to change my legal name to it, but some sites don't let you use your actual name for usernames, and since "Fayanora" is my username pretty much everywhere, I'm in a bit of a bind there. An alternative option is Fay Anne Aura Arts...

Since Ysabet mentioned nicknames, my nickname is Fay.

What is your default icon about? Does it have personal meaning? Why did you choose it? What is it from?

Currently my default icon is a little girl crying into her arms as they are holding her knees. I chose it because I'm still in mourning for my friend Lily, and haven't made a memorial icon for her yet because my image editing skills are shit.

Tell us anything else you want to share publicly that would help people know how to interact with you.

Most of that stuff is somewhere in my profile.

Preferred pronouns?

Despite being nonbinary, I prefer she/her/hers, because I lean more towards the female end of the gender spectrum. It would be cool if people would use the genderless djai/djair from TPNN, but I'm realistic enough to know that's not bloody likely.

Do you have a first language other than English?

No. Not unless you count Trai'pahg'nan'nog, the language of the Traipahni people. And I'm not exactly fluent in that, either, despite having a dictionary of hundreds of words from that language.

What does "fannish identity" mean to you?

I like what I like. I don't restrict myself with fannish identities. This was cross-posted from https://fayanora.dreamwidth.org/1461302.html
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