July 18th, 2019


Need ideas

There's two things I'd like ideas for, if anyone has them.

First is straightforward: ideas for pranks that could be played at a school of magic. I'm just not suited to coming up with pranks.

Second is more complicated. It has to do with magical transportation. The witches of this world are more integrated with mundane life, so there's cars, but all I have for magical transportation is:

1. Shadow walking / mist walking, equivalent to apparition in Harry Potter. Like apparition, not everyone can do it.

2. Portals.

3. I recently came up with an equivalent to the Floo network, where permanent witch addresses can be fitted with a magical closet that links to other closets. But that's mostly for people rich enough to own their own homes, preferably keeping them in magical families so they don't have to be taken down to sell the house.

Whereas the Potter verse has apparition, Floo, portkeys, the Knight bus, brooms, and flying carpets. Six to my three.

So yeah, need ideas.

Edit: I'm looking more for stuff within city limits, like the Knight bus. Travel to other cities and places in the world is covered by portals. Or something like brooms / carpets but more discreet. Essentially what I'm going for is options for poor or middle class witches. People who can't get a magical closet. And the reason I'm not just satisfied with mundane options is that they're new enough, I think magic would have been ahead of them on that sort of thing back in the horse and buggy days, and if it works and has a long history, why replace it?

Edit two: Okay, I figured out an idea for mass transit. Still could use ideas for magical transportation like brooms, and for pranks.

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