July 16th, 2019



So I managed to get the seat higher on the bike, it was pretty easy since it has a flipper switch to loosen it instead of needing any tools. But I found a new problem: a cable poking out of the bike that is sharp enough it punctured my skin a bunch of times today, I had to clean up and bandage the wounds. I'm thinking some kind of plastic or rubber nub, or some plastic, rubber, or wax melted on it to blunt it, since I don't know if it can be pinned down or removed.

The temporary headlamp I have for it is, as I remembered, a piece of shit. It was coming apart earlier, I had to unscrew it and put it back together, and then after that was done I couldn't get the switch to work unless the light itself was pushed inward. Finally fixed that with some clear tape. But just as I remember from before, even with something rubber between the ring and the handlebars, the thing quickly starts pointing downward. Piece. Of. Shit.

So next month: a better headlamp, and a rear rack. I'd also like to get a smartphone holder, because I don't trust the case I bought to not fall off while biking.

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Steph bouncy

Going to Canterbury!

This weekend, on Saturday, Cat, Victor, Jesse, and Jessica are picking me up at 6 AM to go to Canterbury Ren Faire in Silverton! We'll volunteer the first half of Saturday and Sunday in lieu of payment, then faff about the faire the second halves.

Then we do it all again next weekend, too! :D

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Steph bouncy

Name change

I tried to legally change my name a few years back. The place trying to help me told me to get a passport first for some reason. I got a quarter the way through the form and got overwhelmed because legalese is a language I can't begin to wrap my brain around. I needed someone to hold my hand but I was too overwhelmed to even ask anyone, like not even the place helping me. Then the longer I waited the more awkward it would have been to go back and admit I needed help.

Well today I mentioned something to Victor who wheedled the rest of the story out of me. He uh... well, he transitioned from male to female and then, for health reasons, had to transition back from female to male. (Kept the breasts, though.) So he's changed his name TWICE. He offered to help me. Apparently, and I didn't know this, but there's some way to do it for free, and his reaction to the bit about the passport was "What the fuck???"

Anyway, we're all too busy this week. So that will start next week. :D

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