July 8th, 2019


Lot going on lately (long post)

Yesterday, the friends I got from Lily (Jesse, Cat, Victor) and a new friend named Jenny went shopping for some garb stuff, because we're all going to go to Canterbury Ren Faire. When we get there, we're gonna get more stuff for Shrewsbury Ren Faire. The reason for this is we're not just going as tourists, we're going as volunteers, and Jenny and I need period-appropriate stuff for them. Canterbury isn't nearly as strict about it as Shrewsbury is.

Canterbury is in two or three weeks. Shrewsbury is in September. Oh, and we're also going to Fairy Worlds, I think. That's in August.

Anyway, we did some shopping. Then, thanks to a series of events I couldn't properly explain, we ended up going on an unplanned trip to Seaside, Oregon. We ate at a place called Finn's Fish House. It's a seafood place, and Jesse was paying for it. I feel slightly silly about getting a burger there, but seafood has about as much staying power for me as Chinese food does for most people, since my body digests seafood protein WAY too fast, so the only seafood I had was a cup of clam chowder, which was pretty good. (I didn't used to have this problem. I think the years I spent on a vegetarian diet fucked up my metabolism where protein is concerned.)

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TL;DR version: Went shopping for garb yesterday, also went (unplanned) to Seaside Oregon yesterday with friends and saw the ocean at night. Today, went biking and nearly got sucked into traffic on Tacoma from the wind.

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