July 3rd, 2019

Pi stationary

Supercharged wand

So, an interesting story about this wand. I don't remember how long ago I bought it, but I got it from ebay at least 11 months ago, because I was still living with my shitty roommate at the time. When I got it in the mail, I was slightly disappointed because while I'd known it was curved, I didn't realize it was basically a stretched-out spiral. I tried pushing magick through it anyway, and it was like trying to push water through a blocked hose. But it looked cool, so I kept it even though it wasn't good for either magick or cosplay.

Fast-forward to Monday night after I was dropped off by Cat and Victor. Pi was fronting, had been for most of the night. When we got into our room, Pi picked up the wand and used it. It gave a MASSIVE reaction. Our magick normally gives us a hard-to-describe feeling in our abdomen when we use it, sort of a pressure. On top of that, it takes some pushing to get our magick out, a bit like the sort of push it takes to urinate, but higher up in the body.

That wand, though; it's doing just like wands in my Ravenstone story do, and makes the energy flow faster, harder, and more readily. To continue using the urination metaphor, it's like when you've been holding in pee for an hour looking for a bathroom, and when you finally find one, it comes out with hardly any effort almost before you're done sitting down. And just like in that metaphor, it came out like the proverbial race-horse piss. The wards on the apartment (which look like a grid of bright, flame-orange ropes of light on the walls, doors, and windows) normally glow at about the amount of a candle with low flame. But when I pushed magick through that wand, it made the wands glow so bright that I would have had to shield my eyes if the light had been physical light. And that was with barely even trying!

Even just a half an hour before that, when we'd used magick for some necessary protective magework, things weren't anywhere near that powerful, so we knew it wasn't just Pi. We tried it a couple more times, same effect. We put the wand down and tried it without the wand, and got the normal effect. It's definitely the wand doing something.

We even tried this old, partially burnt wand that was just a fat stick, that had also been sitting on the altar, and for many years longer than the other one, but the fat wand was like trying to push water through packed mud. So I'm not sure why... unless... I think that's iron pyrite on the wand, around the bottom of the crystal. I'm not sure about the real world, but in my Ravenstone story, iron sucks up magick like a sponge, and normally discharges it violently when touched. But now that I think about it, iron pyrite on a wand could act like a battery to supercharge the wand. Something new to add to the worldbuilding? :D If I do, it'd have to be with some sort of warding on the pyrite in the story to prevent accidental discharge.

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*Giddy giggles*

I dunno how coherent this is gonna be. I just did the biggest magick working I think I've ever done and I'm honestly a little high from it. No drugs, just magick! No, miore than a little high. I'm giggly and giddy and I think I might be tipsy. Why? Oh nothing much, just extending my wards to the entire building. Then to the whole property. Then the whole neighborhood, a few houses at a time. Then I went "Fuck it" and pointed my wand at the sky, put protection wards over the entire silly city of Portland! Including all the suburbs I could think of. And I think I might've got part of Vancouver, too.

I've done things pretty close in scale to that before, but it took a couple hours to build up the energy for those. This one, though? Only banged it out in like, 20, 30 minutes? *Giggles* Oh my.

By halfway through, I was manipulating Djao'Kain's Chaos Fire, and Chaos Fire was coming from my hands, my wand, my eyes, and my staff. I started using my Magick Voice, which is powerful and bestial (Pi contributes to it). These are things that normally don't happen in a working of mine til after at least 40 minutes of raising energy.

I'd have done it longer, but I stopped cuz I was thinking I might get so drunk from the power that I'd get arrested for public drunkenness. Even though this neighborhood is basically almost as quiet as the grave at night. 17th has traffic jams in the daytime, but I could walk down the middle of the road at night and not have to worry. I don't, but I could.

Yes, I need to unwind now. Still giddy.

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