June 23rd, 2019


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Dream last night

The dream I had just a few minutes ago was a superhero flick. A guy with this huge compound was powering it with a miniature black hole, a power source that was getting dangerously unstable and threatening to explode and destroy the earth. Though he had known it was risky, he had done it anyway. He wasn't evil, just one of those types of smart people that sometimes do stupid things.

Well, my character found the black hole and used their superpowers to reach inside the reactor containing it, pulled it out, and tossed it so hard into space that it managed, somehow, to get an entire light year away in the space of a few seconds. Then, further straining credulity in a way only dreams and Hollywood movies can, the light from the explosion crossed a whole light year in a second, and the night sky briefly shone brighter than the sun. The dude who had made the thing was scared straight by this, and was going to give up entirely. But whatever compound this was, was important in the dream. So I asked him if he'd ever heard of extracting energy from the vacuum of space? (Zero-point energy, I think.) He looked interested and immediately started working on the math for that.

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