June 4th, 2019


Damn bird

This damn bird just woke me up from a nap. Little fucker is still going 20 minutes later. What the fuck kind of bird sings at fucking midnight???

Listen to the bird at this link: https://fayanora.tumblr.com/post/185357252366/this-damn-bird-just-woke-me-up-from-a-nap-what

EDIT: I've looked it up on YouTube and I think it was a mockingbird. Not sure, but that's likeliest.

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I've mentioned this before, but for a refresher, I rarely dream about anyone I know personally. Major exceptions are my parents and my younger sister, whom I dream about at least once a fortnight. Lesser exceptions are Brooke ([personal profile] kengr) and Lily (recently deceased).

Well, after last night I can add three names to that exclusive list. Because that dream had Sharon (Lily's mom), Jesse (Lily's husband and a friend of mine), and Cat Faye (another friend of Lily and me) in it. Not Victor (Cat's husband), but then I've only known him less than half the time I've known Jesse. And I've known Cat for almost as long as I've known Lily.

The dream started with me exploring this great big interesting looking house. It had lots of rooms, including secret rooms and secret passages. My dream self had apparently been here before, and I think Molly was the largest influence on the dream self because in it I was playing the way a kid does, imagining this one room to be an evil sorcerer's potions room where he was researching horcruxes (and I was pretending to be the evil sorcerer).

I found a door inside this room and went through it. I was so fascinated I dropped the imaginary game as I did it. What I found was a corridor linking to a whole slew of rooms. Now, even though all these rooms were upstairs, they were all made of stone like in a castle, and it gave off a "ground level rooms" vibe. (This will be important later.)

In one of these rooms, Jesse was living. It was a single room, but was so large that he had an entire apartment in there: bedroom, living room, kitchen. And it was larger than my own apartment, which isn't small.

He and I get to talking about it, and I guess my brain was drawing on reality because the house in the dream belonged to Sharon, and Jesse really does live in Sharon's house, renting a room there that he used to share with Lily before she died.

At some point in the conversation, Cat shows up. I didn't get a good look at her for some reason, but by her voice and her mannerisms, it had to have been Cat. Anyway, the conversation somehow leads to Cat finding a door in Jesse's apartment room that took several minutes to pry open. When we got it open, this door led to the outside - as in the ground was right there, and tall grass was part of the reason the door wasn't opening. (The other part of the reason was the door hinges were rusty.) Now remember, we're supposed to be upstairs. This now looks a lot like my Ravenstone story, where a door on the second floor leads to an entirely different house hundreds of miles away and in another universe. Truthfully, though, it was just one of those things where my brain lost track of how reality works and bent it for the sake of the dream's plot.

Cat tells me to go find Sharon to tell her about the rusty door, so I leave and go out through the original door into the house and find Sharon. We take a different route back up there, and at the last second she fails to notice one of the staircases I use to get into Jesse's apartment, so I got to witness this 60+ year old woman climbing over a wall like it's nothing because she didn't see the stairs. The stairs in her own house.

And that was the end of the dream.

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