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June 1st, 2019


Spanish, as a language, is really annoying. Mainly because sometimes the words are accented and other times they're not but they sound exactly the fucking same whether they're accented or not. DuoLingo keeps berating me about my accent use or lack thereof and just as soon as I thought I figured it out, oh no you didn't figure it out! Seriously, what the fuck does it even fucking matter? It sounds exactly the fucking same either way.

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Well again.

I finished my antibiotics. So far, so good. Instead of having to stay up til noon to take the antibiotics, I went to bed at nine thirty. Woke up at five. Later I hope to get to bed by seven, up at three.

Got my money early for some reason this month. I'm currently out to eat, after the month I had, especially the last two weeks.

Last night I had a dream where I was at school. The PE teacher didn't bother to show up and the teachers didn't seem to be aware of this. I volunteered to go fetch a substitute by telling the office what was going on. It was a hell of a distance to go, so I turned into a werewolf to run to the school. Even as a wolf, the journey was long.

When I got to the school and transformed back, I discovered I had left my clothes behind. This is only ever mildly annoying in dreams, though enough I usually spend the rest of the dream looking for clothes. I don't always bother, though. This time, I must have been semi-lucid, because I just manifested new clothes and went inside to the office.

Surprisingly, I actually found it. These dreams, once I go looking for something, it usually takes over the rest of the dream. But I found the office. Secretary was looking up the substitutes for PE when I woke up.

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