May 27th, 2019

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Wouldn't subject my worst enemy to that kind of pain.

So the first UTI I had several months ago, whatever antibiotic they gave me started working within 12 hours. (IE, one dose started to help.) Most of my agony that time was from thinking it was gas until I finally realized it couldn't be gas. Went to the same place this time around, had a different doctor, got a different med. Took three doses, was still in utter agony to the point that an hour felt like a week. Couldn't keep any food down. My voice is still hoarse from all the vomiting.

So I went to the ER, told them everything. They took me off the other antibiotic and put me on a different one. Probably because of the lack of effect from the first one, this one took two doses to get me to a tolerable pain level, and three doses to feel mostly normal again. (Still feel little signs of the little bastards in there once in a while.) But because my time sense got so warped by the pain, I don't have a clear timeline of how long exactly one event is from another. Aaand my sleep schedule is completely fucked because I couldn't sleep more than maybe half an hour at a time while I was in pain. I'm currently on a sleep schedule I'd best describe as "go to bed at noon, wake up at a quarter til midnight." Mainly because it was a quarter til midnight when I got the first dose of the second antibiotic, and it's every 12 hours.

I can eat again. Mostly playing it safe - no spices, low fat. Honestly, I'm kinda skittish about food now. Puking up everything you eat is no fun. But I had to keep eating because my stomach would add the hunger signal on top of the UTI pain, which pushed it over the top. Knew eating was a mistake, had to do it anyway to make the pain a little less.

Anyway, it's gonna be another five days before I'm done with the antibiotics. I think I'll probably just stay home and recover in that time.

Oh yeah, and shoutout to [personal profile] alatefeline for bringing me juice, crackers, and a pain reliever.

PS = Seriously, I'd classify that level of pain as "kill me" level. I just wanted the pain to stop, and if someone had been there who was willing to euthanize me, I'm not sure I would have said no. If I'd been in any shape to attempt suicide, I don't know that I wouldn't have tried. But I was barely capable of coherent thought through most of it, and couldn't move without making it hurt worse. Makes my worst migraine ever feel like a papercut. And I had to go through that shit for days. I hate bacteria right now.

PPS = Don't worry, I'm 99% certain that as long as there was any other solution, Shao'Kehn would step in and stop me from attempting suicide. She did once before, on the only occasion I was ever serious about it. Not trying to scare anyone, just trying to communicate how bad the pain was.

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