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May 6th, 2019

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Mind blown

I was watching a YouTube video about 4th dimensional beings, and how they would be able to weakly interact with our dimension as they intersect with ours (the way a 3D sphere would appear as a series of straight lines to a 2-dimensional being as the sphere passed through its dimension), and we’d only ever be able to sense parts of them, and what we sense might not make any sense to us when we did, to which the video then implied that maybe dark matter and dark energy were signs of 4th dimensional beings intersecting with us. And I thought of something.

To explain my idea, imagine a 3D person interacting with a 2D universe. The 2D people can only move forward or back, so the fact a 3D person could pick up something from ahead of them and put it behind them without crossing the intervening space would seem like magic, like teleportation or something. Next, there’s a phenomenon called “out of place artifacts" where it’s weird stuff like a spark plug or other obviously artificial stuff ending up embedded in millions-of-years old coal or even inside solid stone, some of them ending up in stone so old that life didn’t even exist yet when it was formed, and yet the only logical way those could have gotten there is that they existed there at the time the stone/coal was formed, but that’s silly because that would imply time travel. IE, travel through the 4th dimension.

All of this was summed up by the thought I immediately had upon the implication of dark matter being 4th dimensional beings, which was: “What if these out-of-place artifacts we keep finding are debris that 4th dimensional or higher-dimensional beings are accidentally or purposefully kicking as they’re walking along, as inexplicable to us as that "teleporting" object would be to a 2 dimensional person?” (Insert “Mind blown” meme here.)

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