April 24th, 2019


Weird school

Went on a walk again. Not feeling up to going through the whole thing, as most of it would be pretty boring to read, but suffice it to say I didn't find the park I was looking for.

Only thing worth making note of is at one point I was walking along Roswell and saw a building I thought at first was a swanky hotel or maybe some place where rich men go to drink wine and talk shit about poor people, but it turned out to be an elementary school. Which honestly, is fucking weird. It was big enough, sure; it's quite a large elementary school. But I've seen a lot of schools over the years, both public and private, and they all look like schools. No matter the shape or size, color or design they are, no matter what grades they cover, you can always look at one and know just by looking at it that it's a school, even without seeing the name or a playground or a sports field or anything. There's just some quintessential "school-ness" inherent in every school building I've ever seen for over 30 years, at least until I saw this one, which looked better suited to hosting a wealthy gentleman's club than a school. It lacks the school-ness and has instead an aura of "we are extremely wealthy and have our heads firmly lodged up our asses." Seriously, I should have taken a picture of it so you could see what I mean. Might go back sometime and do just that. I kind of feel bad for the kids who have to go there, its energy is just so fucking weird. But not in a good way.

EDIT: Oh, also I ended up wandering all the way over to Harney and 45th, AKA where the Franz bread store is at. Took the 75 and then the 70 home again. Got two more bottles and a can on my walk. I may be up to a couple dollars in found returnables now.

EDIT 2: Judging by Google maps, I probably ended up walking at least 2 miles. The longest of the recommended routes by foot (which was pretty close to the exact route I went) is 1.9 miles, but I know I wandered around enough to make it 2, maybe 2 and a half miles.

EDIT 3 (final): Looks like the school I saw was Ardenwald Elementary. So you can see what it looks like: https://is.gd/3styjq

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