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April 22nd, 2019

Fusion burrito

Earlier in the month I made slow-cooker chicken tikka masala, but I doubled the lentils and put in a bunch of onion. It was a bit thick for my taste and a bit bland, I think I did something wrong when I made it. But rather than waste it, I put some in a tortilla, put salsa and hot sauce on it, and had a fusion burrito. It was pretty good. I had that for meals for several days.

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New route

I just got back from a walk, and stumbled onto an alternate route home that I much prefer. For most of my time living here, when I moved in back in February, I'd either take the 70 home, or take the MAX mass transit light rail if the 70 wasn't possible or wasn't fast enough. And the main route to/from the MAX station was across this little ridge along the Springwater Corridor. Which is lovely in the day, and scary at night. But I used it for a month and a half before an incident scared me into finding a new route. Nothing major, just a large group of men on the path at night making me nervous enough that I haven't taken that route since then, not at night anyway.

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Anyway, so today for random reasons, I was looking on Google Maps. I have a hard time translating map data into something my brain can use, so every time Brooke ([personal profile] kengr) says to explore around the neighborhood on Google Maps, I kind of roll my eyes. I do do that, but it's never as informative as actually walking the neighborhood. There's loads of businesses that don't even show up on Google Maps even if you zoom all the way in, some of the businesses that do show up are are actually out of business, others have changed their name (the Foster's Deli nearby recently changed their name, just in the last week or so, for instance), and some of the business names are not very informative; for many of those, even clicking on them shows nothing useful coming up about them, either.

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So yeah, that was edutainment. :) May go for another walk on Wednesday. Hungry now, though.

1 = Not knowing the area at the time, I went across Tacoma, down to the MAX, and up along the Springwater Corridor route. I feel silly now, knowing I could have shaved 10 minutes off my route rather than adding an extra 10 minutes. But, live and learn.

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