April 12th, 2019


Image processing differences by person

My friend [personal profile] kengr and I just had a conversation on IM wherein I tried to explain why her definitions of areas in a photo and the resulting directions didn't make sense to me.

She defines areas of the photo with lines that in my mind don't have any logical connection to each other until it's pointed out. Like a line going along the wall and extending past onto a sidewalk or porch (we couldn't agree on which it was), and the line of the main sidewalk, to define a patch of dirt, and specifically a corner.

Of course I didn't have this explanation at first, and just had "I think I'd stick your planter in the corner of the wall and sidewalk."

I tried to follow those directions, but my brain couldn't make sense of them. I tried asking what she meant, and her answer was "draw a line along the base of the wall until it hits the sidewalk coming in from the parking.
the corner is where that line hits the left side of the sidewalk coming in from the parking lot."

My brain couldn't make sense of this. After some more back and forth, I tried explaining how I process the image in my mind:
I logically divide images and navigate them differently from you, I think.

For example, in the first image there's Door, Window, Main Sidewalk, Littler Sidewalk, stairs, Space Under Stairs, Dirt To Left of Sidewalk, Wall To Left of Door, Wall To Right Of Door, Space Under Window By Door.

Her: To me that corner is best described as corner of sidewalk and "wall" (extending it to the sidewalk is pretty automatic)
"Line of wall" if you want to get technical

Me: Okay. To me the wall and the sidewalk are utterly different things, I had a hard time extending the wall in my mind. My logic groups things in relation to other things, like Dirt To Left of Sidewalk.

So yeah, by my brain's parsing of the image, she was saying to put it in the corner of Dirt To Left of Sidewalk.

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