April 5th, 2019


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Indian food

Saw something in the store once that made me think of something to make for months. What I saw was jars of tikka masala sauce. My idea was making chicken tikka masala with that sauce using the slow cooker.

So, looked up online recipes to get an idea how much water and stuff I'd need. Since the one recipe I was using was assuming I was starting from dry, when it called for 4.5 cups of water, I instead reduced it to 3 cups of water plus the jar of the tikka masala sauce, on top of the diced chicken and red lentils. Put in some cut up mushrooms as well, stirred it up, turned it on low and went to bed.

When I woke up, it looked delicious. I could faintly smell it, too, through my cold. Stirred it again (clean spoon obviously). Sauteed some onions in butter, added those to it and stirred, and made some rice to spoon it over. I am now eating it.

It's good, but could be better. I had to add salt and some chili pepper to taste.

Things I'll do differently next time:

* Use two jars of sauce and reduce water down to two cups.
* Add chili powder or crushed chili peppers to the mix at the start. Something to give it some heat.
* Add salt at the start, maybe by putting salt over the raw chicken before pouring in the lentils and sauce.
* Add some chopped tomatoes. (May even do that to the current batch next time I eat some.)
* May get some ginger-garlic paste to add to it. There's a store next to where the pagan meetup is at, that sells it.
* And to Brooke, who I am sure is being all smug about me liking something with lentils in it: I can't even taste the lentils. They barely add anything, even texture wise. Not even sure one cup was enough, even though that's what the recipe called for. May double the lentils next time. Anyway, the point was to overpower the lentils with spiciness.
* Might buy some naan to eat it with.

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