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April 4th, 2019

A little plan

Soo... the new apartment complex I live at lets you put stuff outside your apartment door as long as you don't block the way to your door, or put your stuff in someone else's area. There's this spot under the window next to my door that is currently empty. I have a plan for it. A little garden.

See, the problems I had gardening before was mainly my roommate's ridiculous and impossible to predict sleep schedules and moods, the heat of summer, and not wanting to be out in the sun and bending over, etc. But this space is in the shade; it gets light, but nothing too direct. It's right outside my door, so I don't have to get specially dressed or walk a long way to tend it. Being close to the door, if there's a chance of frost I can just pick up my little garden and bring it inside. So it's perfect!

My thoughts:

* Set four milk crates down, put the planter down on that so I don't have to bend over much.

* Possibility: an edible flower garden. For example: Lavender, nasturtium, viola, chamomile, calendula, bachelor button, and borage. (Hibiscus is edible too, but it's a rather large bushy plant.)

* Possibility: a garden that looks like it's overgrown with weeds, but it's all edible stuff. For example: Dandelions, broad-leaf plantains, stinging nettles, garlic mustard, garlic, yellow mustard. I can get seeds or seedlings of all of these, I think.

* Possibility: both of the above, maybe in separate thingies.

* Basil?

* Grow a load of lavender and give some away, maybe sell some for extra money?

I could also make room indoors for something. Set it over by the window next to Spike, my spider plant.

If anyone has some suggestions for plants that are considered weeds but are edible, please let me know!

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