March 21st, 2019


Henna tattoos

A couple months ago, I bought a $10 plastic tube/applicator of henna from a henna store on Belmont; they buy henna in bulk and make massive amounts of it because their main business is doing henna tattoos for people. Those are out of my price range, but as a side effect of that part of their business, they decided to put some of this bulk henna they've made into little plastic applicator bags where you cut the tip off to apply it, and sell them for $10 apiece. It's quite a deal!

I finally got around to using it this month. Obviously, I had to draw the designs myself, which means most of them are on my left arm. Though I did manage to get a couple on my right arm, and one on my chest. (Oh yeah, and I also have five different fingernail colors.) Pictures of the henna tats below the cut:

Collapse )

Of course, this was about a week ago. The ones on my hands are already pretty faded. I guess washing your skin makes it fade faster. And some (female symbol, second eight-rayed star, pentagram) didn't get very dark. Same was true of the spiral, the ankh, the triangle, and the rune at first, but on a second day I went over them with a second coat. The spiral got the darkest of all of them, it's so dark that if my whole skin was that color I'd be a dark-skinned black woman.

So yeah, for $10 I had enough henna to do 11 symbols, some of which were done twice. I'm almost out now. I think I'll get more next month, maybe two of them instead of just one. Then I can keep reapplying them. :) Might do some on my legs, once it warms up enough to go bare-legged.

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