March 18th, 2019

Steph laugh

Bizarre surreal funny dream

I just had a dream that I would like to say is the weirdest fucking dream I've ever had in my life, but I can't. The bar of weirdness for my dreams is way too high for that.

It's so bizarre and surreal that the best I can describe it is... Okay, so imagine the Saw movies, without the blood and gore, but keeping the death. Then add that it's about 100 people in the situation and they're running around a small enclosed farm kind of thing starving and dying, being killed by traps and being hunted by surreal monsters. Then they managed to escape because of something to do with music... Basically, one of them sings a song, and something about the music he sings appeases this small sheep-like creature that was guarding some door. The creature's eyes unfocus, the door opens, and they escape into a room where a much bigger version of the creature is sleeping in a bed. It had been using its powers to torment the people for some reason, and the music put it to sleep.

They escape the house and end up at a buffet. At one point when the survivors are eating, one of the survivors turns to another one with a look of dawning, horrified realization on her face and says "Oh my God! A sheep was counting us!"

I woke up laughing! XD

Tl;dr = My weird-ass, sleeping brain decided to tell itself a joke in the form of a bizarre and surreal horror movie with a fucking punchline! "A sheep was counting us!," ROTFLMAO!

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