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March 10th, 2019

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Cut file

For the Ravenstone series, I've taken to doing something I hadn't really done before, and saving scenes that I've cut out of the story during one edit or another. I didn't start on this right away in the first one, so there's some parts that are gone forever, but there was enough editing in the first book that I have a "cut file" of 24 pages for that book.

So far, the second book's "cut file" is 19 pages long, and it hasn't had nearly as much editing as the first book did. (For the first book, I had to heavily edit about half a dozen chapters once I realized that one of the story arcs contradicted the character of pretty much all the Ravenstones. Editing that mess took me weeks, I recall!)

The reason I save cut scenes is because some of the scenes I was cutting contained bits I wanted to keep in the story but which didn't fit in the place they'd been, so I wanted to be able to add those in later.

Anybody else do this kind of thing?

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Another strange writer question

I am currently looking up stats on the weight of an elephant's skeleton and skin, and the reason for this is funny: trying to figure out how much of a Ravenstone-verse unicorn's body would be meat, as unicorns there are roughly the size of African elephants. Why? I want to know how much of a unicorn would be edible. LOL

Not a huge or important question, just a random puzzle I thought of. Anyway, an elephant's skeleton is about 17% of its body mass, so a 14,000 pound (7 ton) unicorn would be about 10,000 pounds of meat/skin and around 4,000 pounds of bone.

Though one thing I figured out is that if the Sasquatches hunted unicorns (they do), they'd probably have to either be really good at meat preservation (unicorn pemmican?) or else sell the excess.

And no, unicorns in that universe do NOT sparkle. They are elephant-sized, horse-shaped monsters with horns that are at least 5 feet long; unicorns also have a temperament that makes rhinos look calm by comparison.

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