March 3rd, 2019

Elle Fanning

Taco Bell slow cooks their beef?

I may have accidentally discovered how Taco Bell makes the filling for their beef tacos and burritos. Before visiting my friend Brooke earlier, I mixed some taco seasoning with some hamburger and left it in the slow cooker on low. When I got home hours later, the apartment smelled like Taco Bell. What's more, once I chopped up the slow-cooked hamburger (it had somewhat solidified like a meatloaf), the texture and appearance were identical to Taco Bell beef. The taste was pretty close, too. Not perfect, because it wasn't the right blend of spices, but very close. Oh, and you know how Taco Bell beef is fatty? Well it's kinda hard to drain off fat when slow cooking. Probably pretty close to impossible, in fact. But I did it because I didn't want to go to the trouble of trying to deal with draining the fat. Plus, slow cooking is great for me because I don't really have the energy to cook after a long day out and about.

Anyway yeah, this is a recipe I intend to do again sometime! It's close enough to Taco Bell to be something to remember!

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