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February 28th, 2019

Winco website

I have rarely seen a website as user hostile as the one for Winco foods. First, it thought I was in Boise Idaho for some fucking reason and had set my preferred store to one there. I've never even thought about Idaho in the last few years of my life, let alone been there, and I can't figure out why it thought I was there. Took trying two different devices to get that sorted and the site set to my ACTUAL preferred Winco in Portland, on 122nd. (There's one near Clackamas town center, which should be a cinch to get to on weekdays from my new place, but Brooke and I shop together, so we go to the one on 122nd.)

Oh and it tried to find my location, which doesn't work for any site on my netbook, and wasn't working for some reason on my tablet (where location stuff normally *does* work.) The failure of which gives me a pop up error message that goes to the top no matter what program I'm on at the time. (But that's more a quirk of the netbook.)

Then I tried to browse online coupons and it wanted me to register. Fine, okay. But one of the required fields wouldn't say what it wanted me to put there. There was text there ostensibly to explain what it wanted, but it made no fucking sense because it got cut off in the middle. (I checked on the netbook, and what it wanted to know was whether my phone was a mobile or landline. But on the tablet there was no way to know this, and tapping it did nothing. I had to register on the netbook, which still thinks I'm in fucking Idaho - the taint of the country.)

All I fucking really wanted to do was browse the online list of bulk items!

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