December 17th, 2018

Little Girl in rain By lj user never_end

Oh wow

Okay so this book that I'm reading is really amazing! It's about... There is this intelligence on the Internet that is awakening. An emergent intelligence arising from the Internet apparently from lost packets or something?

Anyway, the main character is a blind girl who has gotten a implant in her eye that corrects her blindness because apparently it's some kind of pupil issue. Like, her pulls aren't responding to light properly and the implant corrects that by intercepting what the eye is getting and changing the format or rearranging something in there before it sends them the information on to the brain. I'm not really sure how I feel about the whole curing blindness issue, but it does serve another function in that the Internet intelligence is eventually able to see the real world through this device.

Another awesome little bit of inclusivity is the fact that this blind girl's best friend at her school is a Muslim girl. Oh yeah, and the scientist that develops the device that helps her see is Japanese.

But of course the real reason that I made this post: Her father is autistic! He's a professor or something at some university and he's on the aspie end of the autism spectrum. There are little clues to that here and there throughout the first dozen chapters but it's like 60% of the way through the book before we get it confirmed, and I actually didn't even suspect until that point because well, she's blind; a lot of his behavior could have been explained by his feelings about that.

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Edit: Forgot to give the title! The book title is "WWW: Wake" by Robert J. Sawyer. I'm currently reading book two, which is "WWW: Watch." The third is "WWW: Wonder."

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