October 7th, 2018


My brain is dumb sometimes

I keep misspelling "hijab," writing "hajib" instead. I know what the word is, my fingers just keep turning it around for some reason. I finally had to go into the autocorrect settings and tell it to autocorrect hajib to hijab, because I know this problem is only going to get worse once I finally introduce the character that wears a hijab. (Ye gods, now I find myself trying to type jihab or jibah instead; WTF is wrong with my brain and/or fingers?)

Autocorrect on LibreOffice is a godsend, BTW. There are names of characters and words in the Ravenstone stuff that have accents on them. Sometimes multiple accents, and occasionally different accents. One character's name has one of those N's with a tilde over it. Autocorrect saves me having to copy and paste those names and words, or the individual accented letters, which is even worse.

Then, too, I keep having this issue where I mangle words around. A common example is "eht" or "eth" instead of "the." I guess that's the same as the hijab/hajib mixup. And I don't seem to be able to write Vedya's name without it coming out as VEdya, so the autocorrect has to fix it nearly every time. TIFAC. It's the only name I consistently have that issue with.

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