August 18th, 2018



Apparently, Eminem is now claiming to have Asperger’s. Speaking as someone on the autism spectrum, this is clearly another ploy of his, another extremely offensive, attention-seeking ploy from a sad, stupid little bigot man whose career is (finally, blissfully!) dying.

This is exactly the kind of bullshit that Eminem would pull. He probably thinks if people believe he’s autistic that he can get away with saying whatever offensive shit he has planned to say next, and that we’ll excuse his past behavior, and people will keep thinking he’s someone worth listening to.

Well I’m sorry, Eminem, but if you’re autistic, then I’m the President of Mexico and heir to the McDuck fortune. Even if it were true - which it clearly isn’t - it wouldn’t excuse your behavior. You’ve had your 15 minutes of fame, Eminem; be glad you got even that much when you didn’t deserve it and please make an effort to salvage what’s left of your dignity by letting your career die already without fighting it anymore.

Ye gods, the only way 2018 could top this is if Trump started making the same claim. Thankfully, the odds of that happening are infinitesimally tiny.

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