July 22nd, 2018


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Need ideas

A school of magic in a story I’m writing has hundreds of rooms in its basement. They can also fit really large spaces inside small rooms like in Harry Potter or Doctor Who. I’ve already thought of what to put in a bunch of those rooms, but there’s still hundreds of vacancies, so I need ideas for things that might be in some of those rooms. Aside from the stuff normally in a (mundane) school like classrooms and so on, what else would you like to see in a school of magic if you were attending it? Be as practical or as fantastic as you want. I just need ideas.

(Not Harry Potter, but that world and mine have some similar rules of magic, and both take place in a secret magic world alongside our own, though mine interacts with the mundane world far more than wizarding society in Harry Potter does. Some of the things possible in Harry Potter are not possible there, but whatever. Show me what you got. If it fits, great. If it doesn’t, I might be able to use the idea to think of something else.)

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