May 4th, 2018



So a pair of nice headphones I've had on my wishlist for months dropped ten dollars in price recently, with free shipping and a five percent off coupon in addition, bringing the price down to forty-some dollars, or about twice the price of a cheap bluetooth headphone set.

These headphones, from Avantree, have a metal head band, metal thingies holding the band to the earphones themselves, it's bluetooth with a wired option for low battery times and so on, forty hour battery life, and also there's a free two year warranty.

If those last the full two years at least, that should save me like, $40 to $60, if not more! Seriously, I tend to need to buy new headphones once every six months or so to replace broken ones, it's annoying. I'm so tired of cheap plastic pieces of crap costing me several times the cost of these nice ones.

So yeah, *GLOM*!

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Hermione not amused

Bus fuckery

Today when roommate and I went out selling scrap metal (which we had in the cart I use for groceries, fits very well in the bus), which took a few trips on the bus, we ran into some annoying fuckery from the bus company, Trimet. Three different times one of the line 75 buses went zooming right on by us like we weren't there, even though there is no possible way they didn't see us there at the bus stop, plain as day (which, incidentally, was nearly 80 degrees and sunny out), and all three of the buses were clearly at least half empty. And on a fourth bus, same line (I'll explain later), I was on the bus and witnessed up close the bus driver again ignore a perfectly visible person at the bus stop, again without slowing down, again for no apparent reason other than "Fuck customers!" He hadn't even flipped the "drop off only" sign, and picked up someone just two stops down without anyone having gotten off in the interim. Just "la dee da, you want this bus? Well go fuck yourself, buddy!"

Now for comparison's sake, we had the cart full of scrap metal the first two times this happened, but the second two times I was on my own, roommate had the cart going on a different line. So it wasn't them avoiding someone with a cart those second two times.

Now as to why there were so many trips on the same bus line. So the first trip was the first instance of the dingus driver passing us by. Once the next bus deigned to let us on, it was a fairly short trip of twenty some minutes to our stop.

The bus stop we got off at is also the stop for the same line going the other direction, but bugger me if there's any way to tell which direction it is without asking the driver first. This was the second time a bus went right past us! Half full bus, again. By that point, the cart was empty.

So yeah, once a bus actually stopped, we ended up going the wrong direction, up into St. John's. Got off at MLK, went our separate ways there. I went to the proper stop for line 75 back the way I needed (I was headed towards Hawthorne) and that's the third time a line 75 bus zoomed right past me for no good reason, this time there was four people waiting at the stop! Fullness of the bus? This time, I'd be surprised if there had been more than ten purple aboard! And according to one old man at the stop with me, this was ten minutes after the bus should have been there. So not only did it not even slow down for no good reason, the fucking thing was ten minutes late to boot! It was another ten minutes for the next bus after it.

The next bus stopped, I got on. When we'd been going for about ten or 15 minutes, with maybe 15 people on board at the time (all these buses seat like, two or three times that many people), was when, for the fourth time in less than two hours, the jackass driver willfully ignored a legitimate potential passenger who wanted aboard! And in this case, I can safely say I looked around enough to assure you that bus could have fit three times as many people in it as it had before it stated to get crowded. And yeah, the guy had a bike with him, but the bike rack on the bus was empty!

I mean honestly, if all these buses were packed to or past capacity with people, I'd understand the buses going into "drop off only" mode. But the highest number of people I saw on any of these errant buses was 15 or 20 people, and at least one of them had much fewer than that. Twenty people? That's not even half the comfortable capacity!

And all this for $6 worth of scrap metal. Roommate was expecting at least $13 or $16, but apparently steel is dirt cheap these days, it's copper they pay the big bucks for now. The amount of steel at that facility could have bought several large countries back in the day, but now forty five pounds of the stuff gets you a grand total of $6.

Next time I need to use the 75, I'm tempted to step out onto the road so they HAVE to stop. If I do and the driver complains, I'll explain today's fuckery to him for why I did it.

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